Sunday, June 21, 2009


Watermelon is hard to eat.  Hands don’t seem to work.104

This isn’t doing the job either.


Oh forget it. 


As a side note, grapefruit is much easier.  Yes, our child likes grapefruit.  We can’t beg hard enough to get him to eat ice cream, but #1 icky fruit of all time, sure.


“A fresh, robust flavor with a hint of earthy suppleness and bitter undertones.  A complex and challenging, yet rewarding vintage.”


Annette said...

That is so cute, we can't wait to see him! And you guys too of course!

geode cacher said...

Way cute.

Stratton Family said...

you have to beg him to eat icecream? haha my mother in law gives Maddie icecream so now she associates the freezer w/ ice cream and will just run over and point to the freezer and do the sign & say "more more"

I love the watermelon picture, Maddie hated grapefruit, but she LOVES watermelon.

Leanne said...

I love Grapefruit! I can't get my #2 kid to eat anything lately, count yourself lucky!

Jordan said...
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Sheri N. said...

Wow. He is so grown up now.

Brent/Jan said...

Grapefruit over ice cream! you are doing something right! jan