Sunday, February 24, 2008

SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: The World's Largest Water Balloon, Part 1

So Julie has an inflatable exercise ball that is too firm for practical use, and graciously donated it for the Greater Good, a.k.a. Nicholas and I and our destructive imaginations. It quickly became very clear that this piece of exercise equipment deserved a respectful, albeit spectacular demise.
But how would we dispatch it into the abyss of the Unseen and Infinite Beyond? We discussed, among other ideas:

- A strategically placed cherry bomb, perhaps inside the ball. This would have the benefit of an easily contained explosive catalyst, and would probably do a good job of destroying the ball, but the nearest cherry bomb of respectful power that I know of is in Ensenada. Also, there would be no way of fitting it into the little quarter inch hole. And no way to ignite it.
- Filling it with black powder. This would also probably produce a good bang, and we could easily pour the stuff into the ball. And you can get like five pounds of the stuff for twenty bucks. But again, there are ignition issues, and it might be hard for two guys to walk into a gun store and casually ask the salesman for gunpowder. Salesman: "What can I do for you?" Us: "We need to blow up a piece of exercise equipment. We'll be neededing some of your finest, purest black powder, please." Yeah, we would have to send Tiffany-Ann; after all, how suspicious is a pregnant lady carrying a bag of gunpowder, anyway?

Anyway. We decided on the simple, yet elegant solution of filling the the thing with water until it reached critical mass, at which point we would chuck it off the roof. This way we wouldn't have all the mess and macho pretense of high explosives.

How to fill it, though? Nothing an air pump attachment, hose, and hot glue can't fix... By the way, water is really heavy. We had to fill the thing on the roof. Getting the partially filled ball up there sure was hard...

How cool is Gregg, anyway? Son: We're going to be throwing a 200 pound ball of water off the roof. Father: Need some help with that?

And the spectacular finale...

We are such idiots. The ball survives, but not for long. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 11, 2008


The weather has been beautiful in So Cal lately, so we spent Saturday on the beach biking the boardwalk from Santa Monica to Venice beach.
Tiffany-Ann, Jordan, and Nicholas.

Isn't she a cutie? 6 weeks to go!

Nicholas will kill me for posting this. Next stop: the bright lights of Broadway!

As we were packing up to go home, Nicholas got really sad and started throwing a tantrum. He stole Tiffany-Ann's bike and just started riding around in circles. No one could catch him, because if you notice, he's still wearing his rollerblades, providing him with DOUBLE the locomotion.

Believe it or not, David Hasselhoff was living in there.