Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008


Back in 1997, when grunge was breathing its last and more experimental bands like Radiohead were becoming more relevant, Oklahoma perennials The Flaming Lips recorded a truly unique record. Basically, the band split a traditional CD--wherein all studio tracks are "mixed down" into a form where you can play it through a single player--into four parts, on four CDs, so that to hear the complete mix you have to play each CD on a different player at the same time, synchronized. The result is basically a really weird but cool sonic immersion: plucky bass lines from CD1 enter on your right, then slink around to the back left on CD3, or a guitar line will chime in behind you on the left from CD2 and echo somewhere on your right to CD4. Since no one CD player plays at the exact speed as another (even if they are the exact same model), you get a different arrangement each time you listen. It's basically what the title suggests: Zaire for anarchy (songwriter Wayne Coyne was inspired by political instability in the African nation at the time) + eureka, signalling a sudden discovery.

So anyway, Tiffany-Ann gave me the album for Christmas, and, after rounding up the four CD players in the house (two mini-stereos and two laptops), we proceeded to TRIP OUT. Well, sans psychedelic "enhancers" of course. True, the music can be a bit "creative" at times, but even for the nonhippy it provides an intriguing way to spend a Saturday afternoon....

There's me immersed in the experience. You can't tell in the picture, but I am actually floating above my body at this point, listening to "The Train Runs over the Camel but Is Derailed by the Gnat."

Monday, January 7, 2008

I did not get her permission...

So we started our birthing class last night. We are using the Bradley Method, as it is our goal of a natural unmedicated childbirth. Now, that's not to say I would mind if Tiffany-Ann got the whole Big Epi-D (that's what I'm going to call it from now on. It sounds like a tough rapper's name [yo I'm gonna pop a CAP in yo pain!]). Personally, after watching the birth video (goody!) last night I was TERRIFIED. I don't want to speak for all men everywhere, but I think there is a constant amazement we feel (or should feel) for our female counterparts. Without exaggeration, pregnant women must be the bravest people on Earth. Bravest and most selfless.